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Four bottles of Indian River Steak Seasonings in a gift box

Introducing the Indian River Steak Lovers Variety 4-Pack, featuring four of our top-selling steak seasonings in one convenient collection. This pack includes a 2.6oz. bottle of Original Steak Seasoning, a 2.3oz. bottle of Montreal Steak Seasoning, a 2.2 oz. bottle of Chicago Steak Seasoning, and a 2.2oz. bottle of Smoked Steak Seasoning. Whether you're grilling, broiling, or pan-searing your steaks, this variety pack has everything you need to add bold, flavorful seasoning to your favorite cuts of meat. The Indian River Steak Lovers Variety 4-Pack also makes a fantastic gift for any steak enthusiast. Elevate your steak game with this must-have assortment of premium seasonings.

Indian River Steak Lovers Variety 4-Pack

SKU: 619438422966
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