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Southern Living Blackening Seasoning & Rub 4oz.

Elevate your culinary experience with our Blackening Seasoning & Rub, meticulously crafted with a masterful combination of spices and herbs that elevate your dishes to a realm of bold and intense flavors. Immerse your fish, chicken, and more in the perfect blend of spices, featuring the robust notes of paprika, the fiery kick of cayenne pepper, the earthy aroma of thyme, and the savory richness of garlic. This harmonious profile creates a symphony of taste that not only delivers captivating heat but also infuses a profound depth into every bite. From sizzling seafood and succulent poultry to hearty veggies and beyond, our Blackening seasoning transcends boundaries, conjuring a rich, smoky, and spicy flavor that transforms each bite into an explosion of robust flavor. Specifically designed for the cooking technique known as "blackening".

Southern Living Blackening Seasoning & Rub 4oz.

SKU: 758929003182
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