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Marie Sharp's No Wimps Allowed Habanero Sauce with a cry face emoji.

The name says it all. Warning, no wimps allowed. You must be strong to handle this sauce. You say you like it hot? Well here is the challenge that will prove it's or not. Specially blended for devoted heat seekers with great taste.

Fresh red Belizean habanero, natural vinegar, fresh carrots, sea salt, hand-chopped white onion, tomato puree, freshly squeezed Key lime juice, capsicum, fresh garlic and spices.  Ingredients:  Red Habanero Pepper, Vinegar, Carrots, Water, Salt, Onion, Tomato Puree, Lime Juice, Garlic, Capsicum, Spices.

Marie Sharp's No Wimps Allowed Habanero Pepper Sauce

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