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Fat Cat Surprisingly Mild Gaujillo Ghost 5oz

A truly unique ghost pepper sauce!

Mixed with savory guajillo chilies and select spices, this Tex-Mex hot sauce and marinade uses the ghost pepper's fruity earthy flavor (not it's numbing heat) to create the perfect complement for Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. Lots of flavor with no real bite, if you will.

Winner of the 2012 Hot Pepper Award for Most Unique Super Chile Hot Sauce (i.e. a ghost pepper sauce with virtually no heat -- pretty unique, no?)  Tasting Notes:  Tart, sharp and punchy out of the gate, with lots of cumin, oregano, fruity dried guajillo peppers, earthy-berry-like ghost peppers and vinegar on the main palate, and a long, spice-driven (i.e. cumin, oregano, mild dried chilies) finish and a sting of vinegar. While not very spicy it’s still extremely full-flavored.

Ingredients:  Water, Vinegar, Guajillo Peppers, Sea Salt, Cumin, Oregano, Ghost Peppers, Xanthan GumA gluten-free and sugar-free product made with all-natural ingredients.  HEAT LEVEL: Mild SCOVILLE HEAT UNIT RANGE (ESTIMATED): 0,000-3,000 SHU (dependent on harvest.

Fat Cat Surprisingly Mild Gaujillo Ghost 5oz

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