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Fat Cat Mexican-Style Habanero Hot Sauce with peppers & spices on a cutting board.

This sauce takes a decidedly Mexican approach to the orange habanero, focusing more on the pepper’s fruity flavor than its intense heat. Don’t get us wrong: This is still darned hot stuff, but it’s also savory and sweet and lets you appreciate the citrus and apricot notes typically found in the flavor of the habanero.

Winner of the Golden Chile (1st Place) in the 2014 Fiery Foods Challenge for Habanero Sauce.  Tasting Notes:  A sweet-and-tart beginning leads to a fresh and vibrantmid-palate of orange, apricot and tropical chili,with punchy habanero heat and sour orange to finish.  Ingredients:  Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Carrots, Onions, Orange Habanero Peppers, Sugar, Garlic, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Bay Leaf.  HEAT LEVEL: Hot SCOVILLE HEAT UNIT RANGE (ESTIMATED) 29,000-70,000 SHU (dependent on harvests)

Fat Cat Mexican-Style Habanero Hot Sauce 5oz.

SKU: 854055003116
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